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Trail Info

When selecting your trail, please read the descriptions closely and make sure you meet the criteria for the run. Every trail is a blast. Don't be the vehicle that slows everyone down because your rig is not equipped correctly.

Green: Easy

Anyone can finish these

Historical Run

Big Bear Spooky Night Run

Butler Peak

Sunday Stroll

Clarks Grade

Moderate: Blue

Modified vehicles with experienced drivers only please. See trail pages for specific requirements.

Devil's Hole

Gold Mountain

Onyx Summit/Heartbreak Ridge

Horse Thief Flats

Difficult: Black

These trails will be a challenge. Modified Vehicles advised. See trail pages for specific requirements.

John Bull

White Mountain

Dishpan Springs

Pilot Rock

Holcomb Creek

Trail Assignments and Times

Times & Crew

IE4W does it's best to update trail assignments regularly. If you made a request and its not reflected, please give us 48 hours.

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